Saturday, August 15, 2009

Honeymooning with Work

I have tons of things I should be blogging about but will only really write about work today.

After almost four years of being a stay-at-home and working freelance I have finally have a full-time job. So far I am enjoying the novelty of having to go to work from Monday to Friday, having set hours, and all the things I expect people who have had full-time jobs are pretty irked about. What I really do enjoy about having a job and about my job in particular include:

  • getting to see one of my bestest friends (Thea) more often - Though we share the same office hindi pa rin everyday kasi as project officer she travels a lot and I also sometimes go to outside meetings. It's really cool though kasi we get to say hi and chikka a bit in the morning, I get to gripe about stupid things, she gets to do the same thing in return, and we get to go out and indulge on Cello's doughnuts (my latest addiction).
  • getting to make new friends - My new officemates are really great. Lahat sila kikay and may utak so I enjoy bantering with them.
  • dressing up - Parang awa nyo na apat na taon po akong naka pang bahay hayaan nyo na akong magtiis sa super high heels at mag enjoy ng laging naka pormal. I really really really anticipate morning because I keep on thinking about what to wear next. Thank God mura ang damit ng babae sa mga Tiangge. Skirts galore!
  • higher energy level - Super mas ok energy levels ko lately mainly because I now eat and sleep better. I can't afford not to sleep early after all kasi ayaw ko naman ma-late ako saka nagugutom talaga ako if I don't eat even a bit of breakfast. Plus the sun in the morning must be doing me wonders.
  • the stuff I learn - It's just been a month pero I've learned tons of things from the silliest office protocols to more important stuff about the urban poor and of course to handling your boss' ire. Hehe.
Anyway I know na I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my job pero as early as now I am becoming more and more aware of the frustrating stuff (sinasandyang maging vague yan..hehe) that goes on in our government. But as the quote of the week in our office says (at opo ako at ka-cornihan ko ang nagpakulo ng quote of the week na yan na wala naman nagbabasa except ako at si Daisy), "If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress (Barack Obama)."

The path I want to tread is starting to get clearer and I plan on continuing down that path.


K.L.Y.N said...

yey, you got the job pala! =) so next time, ikaw na ang maabutan naming nag-shoshopping. Hehe.

Congrats, Hannah! =)

dreamwalker said...

Let's walk down our respective "right paths!"

raichu said...

Congratulations! Good luck (and I hope you never get the chance to desperately need it). Enjoy the trials and tribulations of full-time employment, mwa ha ha ha.

Btw, blogger's openid integration is giving me trouble.

angel said...

Happy to hear that you're enjoying your job (esp about the dressing up part). Also very happy that you're with that organization. That makes two of you (Thea and ikaw) na kukulitin ko so I can learn about social welfare programs and stuff :-) Love what you and Thea do.