Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Home Staples

My sister tagged me so I need to think about stuff that you will 100% find in our house 24/7. Here's what I came up with...

1. Hair - I sometimes wonder why I still haven't gone bald with the rate of hair loss I've been experiencing. At least it isn't as bad now as a year ago.
2. Soiled diapers - Everyone with babies and toddlers have had to content with this one.
3. Condiments - We've run our of rice, drinking water, Sam's milk, and all other ingredients but have never run out of all of the condiments all at the same time. No wonder Mark has kidney problems. :p
4. Medicine - I stock up on medicine and try to keep track of what we have and don't. Still you can't always be sure we'll have what you need when you need it. Most likely Murphy's Law will reign.
5. Notebooks and index cards - Mark is a notebook addict. We have lots of unused and partly used notebooks and a stock of index cards lying around.
6. Toys - You'll find toys all over the house. From the bedroom to the bathroom. You won't be able to escape it.
7. Receipts - I have a habit of holding on to receipts, especially atm receipts, till I get pissed off with the amount of receipts littered on my desk and in my fat wallet (fat lang gawa ng receipts!) and do a preiodical receipt purge. Btw I got really paranoid about ATM receipts after a technical glitch that made me lose 1ok. If I hadn't kept the receipt I wouldn't have gotten it back. Oha! Kaya keep your ATM receipts for at least a couple of weeks.

Am sure there's more but as usual I tire of thinking things up. Mark feel free to add to this on the comment section. ^_^

Not tagging anyone but do tell me what your home staples are.

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dreamwalker said...

I forgot about the hair and the receipts hehe.