Friday, September 04, 2009

Samar Trip

My first business trip ever. Yay!

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Alam ko mas mukhang bakasyon, but can I help it if the place was utterly beautiful?

Places/Things I saw/visited:
  • San Juanico Bridge - So excited about this kasi since bata pa tinuturo na sa School.
  • Limestone formations in Marabut - Sa tabi-tabi lang pero ang ganda!
  • BFAR center in Samar - They culture abalone, king crabs, and lapu-lapu there.
  • Surf Camp - The Aboitiz-owned resort was stunning.
  • Endless beaches.
  • McArthur landing site (ano ba tawag dito?)
  • Imelda's house - We didn't stop by to visit though so glimpse lang nito.
Yummy stuff I ate:
  • Kilawin na tanigue - Kakaiba kilawin dun may gata...yummm...
  • Ormoc pineapples - Really small and didn't look good but they were really sweet and hindi makati sa dila.
  • Moron - Hindi yung tao. Yung suman na may tsokolate ang kalahati.
  • Sumang gabi - I don't know what it's called but it's the best suman ever. May nuts and butter and ewan ko pa.
Other things I enjoyed:
  • The swimming dog
  • The fisher folk - Grabe best best bunch of people to travel with. Mabilis mag work and all so friendly, genuine, hardworking and with a good life story to tell.
  • Tuba - Sipped just a little. It was surprisingly good...sweet. Fresh from harvest kasi daw.
  • Taking pictures - Nakaka-addik pala mag kuha ng pictures pag super ganda ng tanawin!


dreamwalker said...

Aww, proud of you and happy for you. San next trip?

mark said...

Sigh, spammers. han turn on mo CAPTCHA mo...