Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Heart Tito Lito

My Tito Lito just had an angiogram which showed the doctor that he has 5 clogged veins/arteries. He needs to have an angioplasty as soon as possible but they're still going out of the hospital to raise money. They only need a deposit of 100K to be admitted at the Heart Center although they need around 1M to cover the entire operation. BTW they do have a health card but it's already maxed out. If you can help, or know of anyone who can, please do contact me.

Tito Lito is Silas' true dad. All my close friends know about their weird family set up between us and the Carpios. Silas is counted as a real bunso of both families. Tito Lito is one of the kindest and mild tempered person in the whole world. He's so nice that he always gets teased as being "under the saya." I've NEVER heard him raise his voice in his whole life except when he's announcing something on the mike during church services though I have seen him irritated several times. I don't want to spill all their family anecdotes over the internet but suffice to say that when he gets mad he just keeps quiet and after a few minutes comes back with eggplants from the veggies section of the grocery and tells my Tita Ni, "Heto love oh...kumuha na ako ng talong."

Right now the two kids are staying with me. They're having a grand time but Gio, who's going to high school understand what this means more than Silas does. I know his mom doesn't want to burden him but I had to tell him not to ask for his money with his mom because I know how little they have right now. He's lying down on the bed right now pretending to be asleep but I know he's trying to be brave not only because his dad is sick but because he knows this probably means he won't be able to go back to his old school come June. I'm proud that he's starting to understand how it is to be responsible and how he can help his parents by not being a crybaby at the same time it breaks my heart to seem him at this point which will help define him as an emerging adult. It sucks to grow up sometimes.

Please please please God let him be alright.

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Anonymous said...

hi hannah! I'm not sure if this would help, but I think Bryan Lingan's mom is still the head nurse (or something like that) at the Heart Center. Let me know if you want his number ;). Sana lang I could help out more, I'll pray for your tito na lang.