Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cool Beans!!!

Warning: Last paragraph contains a little spoiler so just read the first one if you haven't watched it yet.

I saw Speed Racer last night and I enjoyed it immensely. The plot isn't something that would make you think but the effects and the humor was absolutely great. The characters were pretty well developed too with each having a special endearing quality I couldn't pick a favorite character. I also loved loved loved the weird surreal setting from the too colorful neighborhoods to the awesome costume (or non-costume yet costumey clothes) and make-up. The sudden flashbacks also added to the effective story telling and managed to keep from feeling too complicated. Actually that is one thing I loved about the movie - it's definitely uncomplicated yet rich enough to grip your attention. If you want to take your little brothers/sisters to a movie this year I suggest you take them to this one. No corny singing cartoons here (though I love corny singing cartoons) just plain clean fun with far from plain graphics.

Christina Ricci Speed RacerOh and I have to say Christina Ricci looks absolutely beautiful in this movie. The bangs suit her. Emile Hirsch was also definitely cute though I'd say that I wish the original Rex (Scott Porter) didn't have to transform to Matthew Fox.

Movie trivia: The whole setting is CG. The cool car Speed was racing wasn't there. Everything was shot in front of a green screen.

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