Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Love Having 3 Kids

They're quite a handful and I have to countdown several times a day to get them to do what I want but I'm loving having 3 boys at home (5 if you count Mark and Jamuel). Sam seems to be having a grand time with all the kuyas (titos in truth) showering him attention as well and has been picking up on Silas' and Gio's fights so that he likes to scream and throw mini-tantrums every now and then. Since he's too well behaved I'm actually happy that he can now communicate his unhappiness. Mark and I are also love seeing Sam's cute face scrunch up when he's about to cry after being scolded a little. Haha. Ang sarap magpaiyak ng bata. It's all we can do to resist toying with his emotions. Truthfully we would if it wouldn't have a long lasting negative effect on Sam. But that is not a good thing so we refrain from doing it. Plus we're pretty sure his lolo and lolas will give us hell if they find out. Bad bad parents! I now understand why Luz and her sibs love to make her niece cry. ^_^

Will be posting pics of the three kids together once my sister uploads yesterdays pics.


Nikki! said...

"Ang sarap magpaiyak ng bata."

Huh?? Really?! Ang samaaa!


dreamwalker said...

Try it,Nikki! Hehe. Sent you the pics already, Han.