Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going Deaf

It feels like this is being done directly above our bedroom!

Considering the size our apartment there isn't anywhere to hide. This has been going on for weeks since the owner decided to add rooms on the rooftop (now the 6th floor I guess). Thank God there are two floors between our place and the actual construction site. I'll go crazy if I lived on the 5th floor. Not everyone leaves the house for work you know!!! Argh! I hope they finish up all this construction really soon!!!

Image Source: Threadless

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Anonymous said...

i feel your plight-well kind of. i used to live in a townhouse right around the corner where they were constructing two high-rise residential towers and a commercial building. the noise was ridiculous! i worked from home and all freakin' day i would hear jack-hammering and loud beeps from the d_mn dump trucks; it was INSANE! i could only imagine what you are dealing with with them being right above you! geez! hang in there.
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