Monday, January 16, 2006

Looking back...

from Armi's post

What did I learn this year?
I learned to be a littler humbler, to swallow my pride, to ask for help and to bow my head for a moment and take the blows as they come.

Which accomplishments am I proudest of?
Giving birth.

Knowing what I know now, what would I have done differently in the past year?
I would have longer talks with Mark and I would take care of myself better.

What will be my greatest lasting memories of this year?
My wedding night and the day I found out Sam might have SMA.

In what ways did I contribute?
I really don't know. This year has mostly been selfish for me.

What were my biggest challenges or obstacles?
Its hard to say since last year was probably the most challenging year in my life so far. But i guess a big obstacle for me was and is depression. The depression was just so crippling that it made it all the more hard for me to face all the trials that came my way.

What obstacles did I overcome?
Mababaw... pero my fear of and inability to cope with dirty crowded places like PGH, Quiapo and Divisoria. I'm really proud of myself kasi parang mas big girl na ako.

Who are the most interesting people I met?
1. Sam. You have to admit, he is pretty interesting with that rare disease and cute antics.
2. Mr Elayda. The old man who dropped by the shop frequently.
3. Ate Abi. My sister-in-law.

How have they changed my life?
1. Turned my life upside down.
2. Gave an opportunity for selk-check. Showed me how intolerant and selfish I can be. He also made me realize that I married probably one of the kindest man in the world.
3. I found a new friend.

How am I different now than I was at the start of the year?
I feel older and less sure of things but at the same time I know I am so much stronger. I just hope I'm at least abit wiser.

What am I most grateful for?
That I got to know Sam, seen him smile, heard him laugh and heard him call for me. Mamee!

With that. I guess I have to be going. God bless you all this year. Thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement. Pray with us this year that God might grant our family one more year together.


mark said...

some _people_ will have the time of their life picking on me with this post, but i'm happy na you've voiced out your appreciation on what I did (or try to do) about Mr Elayda..

I'm sorry i have not been more helpful with you and the depression. Maybe because i too, was suffering from it. :) Yeah. amidst everything that happened. I'd still like to thank Him for all the blessing that He has given us. And to our friends and families. Wow. Thanks.

armikatrina said...

really, sam called you mamee? :p

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm not part of your lives (u and mark) much this past year, with sam and everything. but i want you two to know that i'm proud of both of you. there's so much to do:) God bless you both so much. Heaven is bursting to do it. Luv u Han. Thanks for having me around:)