Saturday, January 07, 2006

6 Months

We celebrated Sam's sixth month las December 30. I cooked meat and tuna spaghetti. the tuna sucked because it lacked the essential ingredient (after tuna that is) but the meat was pretty good. It made me happy since it was the first time that something I marinated actually tasted nice. And since tyamba lang, of course my porkchop didn' taste as good the next day when i cooked for our New Year feast. Angel and Mark brought balloons for Sam, who didn't get what we were doing, but we sang to him anyway. Its been a long time since i didn't feel concious while singing Happy Birthday and it felt great to sing. I guess it must have been the wine...shame on me a few glasses and my head was already buzzing. After dinner, Angel and I watched Braveheart, which we both haven't watched before, but i still wasn't able to finish it because i took care of some chores downstairs. Anyway it was a nice night all in all. Not exciting (Hello! Pano naman kaya magiging exciting 6 month birth celebration?) but meaningful. For me, every month added to my son's life is a blessing. Actually everyday with him is... I just don't realize it when I'm utterly bored. :p

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Nikki! said...

Happy, yeah! Just keep being happy!

Oy, antagal na nating di nagkikita.. Kita-kits sa Jan. 14! =D