Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nurses' Pet

Sam is back in the hospital. He has pneumonia and has a really hard time breathing but as usual is taking it all in stride. My baby is sooo well behaved (compared to other babies -- at least that what other parents and the nurses say) that he still managed to smile at his doctor during his checkup yesterday although he must having been feeling really unwell. During his blood tests he just made a few "mini-crying" sounds for a few seconds before going back to sleep. The only time he cried loudly (which also lasted for just a few seconds) was when the nurse was inserting the IV on his right foot. Of course we were delighted because it was the first time we ever heard him shout that loud thus diluting the hurt we felt in seeing our baby suffer. Mas nakakaawa pa cya tingnan when he bears all the pain with a slight frown on his face and a few very faint whimpers. It can break your heart. Kaya naman he's fast becoming the nurses' favorite. Mabait na super cute pa.

Here are a few pics ni Sam downloaded from Armi's phone:

I don't know when this was taken pero mukhang nung first day ni Sam to.

He looks like a puppy.

Bottom View. Taken by Mark the other night.

Gamis Family Hands

My Angel.


jaemark said...

hope sam gets well soon :)

JAm said...

will be praying for baby sam...Ü

Anonymous said...

Kamusta na inaanak ko?

armikatrina said...

first day pareho yung first two pictures

jas said...

pagaling ka po baby sam... *mwah*