Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mars dropped by the shop today with Alison and Armi. They went to Bonito's to eat lunch (treat ni Mars kasi bday nya bukas! Happy bday Mars. ^_^) and I followed after giving Sam his milk. After much kwentuhan the topic turned to computer games. And I started reminiscing....

There are three games I really got into (aside from minesweeper and Zuma...hehe): Sims, Tropico and Heroes. There were other games I liked but not as much as those 3. I liked Sim City, Zeus, Populus (which I sucked at), Utopia, Neopets and all those windows games. I tried playing Starcraft and those bang bang guns games but I sucked at anything real time kasi natataranta ako lagi since my reflexes seem to be really slow. I also played Oz, the first game level-up games released, and Ragnarok , that gaming phenomenon in the Philippines where you do nothing but click your mouse to kill a monster and somehow feel satisfied when you level up without having to use much of your gray matter. Oh how I love games but nothing comes close to my top three.

With Sims it s all about the houses (Oh beautiful houses) and having a great virtual career. In Sims I got my dream of becoming a lounge singer ( I made sure that that Sim didnt advance beyond being a lounge singer), I became a criminal, an astronaut, a soccer super star and alot of other things. But mostly its about the house. I love beautiful houses and I dream of having a few of my own . Maybe that's why I love watching Extreme Home Makeover so much.

**train of thought interrrupted -- had to feed and put baby to sleep

Where was I?

**train of thought interrrupted again -- baby woke up, typing with Sam in my arms

Ok so i'm not in the mood to write anymore. Basta all i know is that Tropico is a real cool game -- kaya pahiramin mo na ko ng installer mo Mars. As for heroes it the only game that i got so addicted to that i was always able to finish my chores just so my mom won't realize i've been playing the whole day. Its also the only one that I dreamt of repeatedly. Kaya i have to someday play the last expansion pack that i never got to play.

And to end this jumbled, unedited post I have to say that although my posts will most probably be always like this (full of interruptions, thus stilted) its worth it to see my baby sleeping peacefully and to smell his smelly crown.

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