Sunday, August 07, 2005

Catch Up Post

I have been neglecting this blog so badly that i have so much catching up to do.

Here are some blog topics i never found time or enough motivation to type up:

1. Birth pains and trauma - Yes Mars, Mrs Oblepias was correct. It is an 11.

2. Postpartum blues - Usual bleh about depression. Boring....

3. My birthday and Mark's surprise - Very simple surprise over breakfast but i was really surprised.

4. My mom's daughter is a mom - This one is highly personal and complicated. I dont think I'll ever post whatever my thoughts are on this one.

5. Little blessings that count - Stuff like Armi dropping in and studying here just when i needed company. Or a short chat with Nikki sa chikka just when i felt like crying. Or my baby making cute little noises just when i was getting bored out of my mind. Or Mark making a little more than expected for a little odd job just when we needed money.

6. Homecoming - I didnt go to my grade school's alumni homecoming and of course regretted it. I know Mark, sometimes you know me more than myself. I should arrange a gimmik with my grade school classmates...

7. Our bundle of joy - Every little thing Sam does that makes me crazy. I love that little alien of mine.

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