Friday, April 08, 2005

While looking for quotes on education, I came upon something that a Mr Evan Esar said. At first it made me laugh so hard because it is funny. But when I started to really think about it, it left me incensed.

"America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week."

- Evan Esar (1899 - 1995)

Education in our country is in such a sorry state. Blame it on any of the following - bad teachers, bad materials, a bad educational system and lack of funds - and you wouldn't be wrong. Being a teacher myself i get so frustrated with the way the system works. But one thing that really bothers me is the utterly low salary that teacher receive. To give the clueless an idea, I worked as a substitute teacher in my alma mater and there received as compensation Php 8000 per month. If you think that's bad think again because CSI actually pays better than other private schools here in Los Baños. The two other schools I applied to paid Php 6500-7000 per month. And they had no other additional benefits (aside from SSS and those required by the law)! Hello!?! Pang janitor lang ata dapat yun. In defense of CSI, due to allowances and other benefits, their teachers' salary reach at least Php 10k each month. As for UP I think an instructor's salary starts at around Php 13-14K, which is still way low because were talking about our country's supposedly premier university. Of course one can always teach in Ateneo or UA&P and other universities that pay well or at least better. But then, they just hire the good teachers (like Pat) and so low paying institutions are left with the not so good teachers and a few good dedicated ones (like Po? :p ).


Gaebril said...

What the heck makes you think UA&P pays good money? Just because because their tuition fees are high? Nu-uh.

After seeing Pat's experiences in LaSalle and UA&P, I think that my position in UPdil is already pretty comfortable actually.

I agree though. If being an educator isn't worth much, then maybe [b]your[/b] education isn't worth much either.

d_wkst_lnk said...

thanks for the comment hannah, i'd take it as a compliment.

i'd like to bolster chico's point. UP is a fine place for a young instructor like me (and Chico and soon Pat). the compensation is at least as competitive as any school (and even most local companies like Ramcar,etc.) plus the hours as crazy low! imagine, 22 hours a week!! wala pang attendance.

of course, the story is different if you factor in possible job offers from HP, P&G, J&J, and others which can pay you a whopping 3x more than UP.