Thursday, April 21, 2005


Closed shop today due to connection problems. Finally, after several days, the Digitel tech people dropped by. Of course their timing was "great" because we were about to leave when Erwin (the tech guy) arrived. So i had to go ahead without Mark. It was good though because the afternoon turned out productive.


Mark got his toga today. A full day ahead of almost everyone else and he's so proud about it. He's been parading around the shop this afternoon with his toga on. Too bad i was feeling too woozy to help him celebrate his victory with the toga. By the way, he got it ahead of time because he went straight to the supplier since he was late for the reservations.

"The last shall be first and the first shall be last."



Saw Nap and Brian at the gym this afternoon. Brian said hi to my tummy but the baby didn't want to move. According to Mark, "Natakot si baby kasi lalake siya." Bad bad.

I didn't realize how similar Nap and Nikki were until today. I can't point out why exactly pero magkapatid nga sila.


Mark just got back. Video's City's already closed. Bummer. I wonder how I'll spend the time again tonight.


JAm said...

"Natakot si baby kasi lalake siya."


tseri said...

kelan ba grad? hehe! :)