Sunday, January 09, 2005

New Year Wishes

Listed as the idea pops out. Not according to level of desire.

1. New clothes - my clothes are starting to NOT fit. I want to feel good.
2. Go on a trip - a.k.a honeymoon (kahit 2-3 days lang)
3. See old friends - this is actually happening...feels great...
4. Be able to tell my mom and dad how much I appreciate their love.
5. Buy my sister her long due Christmas gift.
6. Surprise Mark with some pleasantly surprising surprise. Ideas anyone? Wag nyo dito post! :p
7. Find some time to exercise lightly but regularly. This would make someone who nags me sooo happy.
8. Be able to read the Bible regularly.
9. Find a thousand peso bill on a deserted sidewalk.
10. The awfully drool worthy new flatscreen G5.
11. A new phone.
12. Another weekend with Silas.


I'm sure there's more but this is all I can think of right now...
Dry post.. Sorry guys I had to fill my time before I got out of the office. Bye! It's 11pm. Yipee!

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