Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Men in My Life (part 1)


Showed me how to...
-be forgiving and giving even towards people who have wronged you.
-be tolerant towards impertinent and bullheaded daughters.
-bear sorrow in silence.
-be there for someone despite a busy schedule.

Passed on his love for...
-Robert Ludlum along with the slight paranoia that comes from liking espionage stuff.
-spicy food, sleeping and water.
-riding fast motorcycles.
-Discovery Channel and National Geographic magazines.

Taught me...
-how to ride the bicycle.
-to appreciate corny jokes, though I tried not to show that I did.
-how to float.
-the weird dance that kids love.

He also...
Made our furniture. Spoiled me. Spanked me once a year. Let me know how much he loved me. With my sister as his sidekick, chased me with kisses until I got totally irritated and almost cried. Cried when I hurt him but never said an unkind word to me.


fayeatot said...

han, this is really nice. Ü kakaiyak. konti na lang, crayola na ko. Ü

JAm said...