Monday, December 13, 2004

Weepy Day

Darn it. This must be one of those days when everything just makes me feel more weepy. Thanks to Cel's email, which by the way is not in anyway sad, I got so weepy that I had to take time to blog just so I can stop myself from looking like a fool in the office. I miss a simple and bummish life. ^_^

The other day as I got off the train at Shaw, I saw a group of men singing carols. They were singing acapella and they were great. They looked really dignified too in their sparkling violet barongs. I looked around for the donation box just to know what their gig was all about. To my pleasant surprise there was none. Now, i thought, that is real carolling... Their voices and the gesture of giving busy people something to appreciate touched me so much that I had to swallow a lot to stop the sobs as I went down the steps of the MRT station.

Today I'm a little unhinged again. I'm not really sad but I can't help it. Its funny how somedays everything can be so ordinary yet wonderful, the future so promising and exciting yet so tiring, and that day so hard to survive. Oh well, it is one of those days...


Anonymous said...

Yes. That is how carolling should go.

Anonymous said...

Try not to (let some know when you) cry. You make others cry, too, when you do. Because it's you who's crying. And that is worth crying about.

JAm said...

ah yes... one of my weaknesses... someone crying...

Anonymous said...

ate han. howdy?

cried so much the first time i heard about you-know-what, though i'm not exactly sure why.

the whole day i was so lost in thought, i almost put the boiling water for the pancit canton in the omelette mix.

and just when i thought i was over reflecting, reminiscing, and all, come sunday, it's bawling fest once again. church time and after.

feeling all sorts of emotions, i guess. i think i need not explain. you know me.

basta ate han. i love you. and you'll always have me.

take care always 'coz i really, really care.

(namnamin mo na yan, after ten years na mauulit yang ganyang statements!) ;)


Hannah Grace said...

This blog is inspiring anonymous posters, except for Jam of course. Oh well. ^_^

To Anonymous number 3:

Sorry I wasn't able to tell you personally. I really wanted to. So sorry little sis. Remember yung last na kwentuhan natin? Well yun na pala yun hehe. And sakalin kita anong mauulit after 10 years! BAWAL! :p

Anonymous said...

ok lang, malalaman at malalaman ko rin naman for sure di ba? hehe

and if ever ako naman, malalaman at malalaman mo rin! hehehe ok that was a joke wahahaha

bawal na ba maulit??? you don't like sweet??? :p well neither do i, pero haller, i just found out, so emotional pa ko! i'm so sorry weepy girl! :D

anyays... i'm kind of excited na...

i love you too naman jan! ;P

Hannah Grace said...

Hehe. I love you too. And I'm kinda excited too. See you on Christmas!

angel said...

Hi Jenoa.

Tinatawagan kita e pero out of coverage ka daw. Grabe, di man lang ako makapagemail na (pansin mo, wala ng mga forwards?) sobrang busy kasi. Anyways, tatawagan pa din kita ha? Gusto lang kita maka-chikahan.

Merry Christmas!