Thursday, December 23, 2004

I feel sooo Christmassy....

I'll be home for Christmas...

Yipee! Its almost Christmas and I don't think I've looked forward to it this much. Mostly though I think its because I have'nt been home for a month now...Another thing that excites me is that this is the first time in years that the entire Balagtasclan will get together for Noche Buena. I miss those days...


Our office held our Christmas party last night. I was surprised that I actually had fun. All in all there were only 19 people who attended. Thats all the 14 tutors plus our sysAd, Manager, President and 2 visitors. Food was ok and place was ok. I think I had fun mostly because of the people. Our manager,Din, is utterly corny and yet proud of it, that most times I can't help but laugh. I think the work atmosphere here is good for me. I'm thriving... ^_^


On exchange gifts:
I actually got the gift I wanted! A jacket... My officemate, Carmen, gave me a jacket even if I put books and a blouse on my wishlist (nahiya ako ilista jacket kasi mahal...). She described me as the girl who's always cold so she thought it'd be more useful and personal. Isn't that nice?

On Compliments:
Everbody, including me, must feel happy when they find out that somebody had a crush on him/her, even if it was just a little crush. ^_^ Ego booster!

Dana, another coworker, gave me one weird compliment that I really liked. She told me, "You know what Hannah? I think you're strange in a kind of comforting way." Now that, was strange. Too late now but I think I should have answered, "You know what Dana? That was actually comforting in a really strange way."


Have a Great Christmas everybody!!!

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JAm said...

"You know what Dana? That was actually comforting in a really strange way."^cute.Ü it would've been a nice "comeback."