Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Year Delayed

One of my favorite writer's site (Pancit Canton) has been closed for over a year now and I just found out from him! Ha! So now I'm reading through his archives and it makes me smile....

This is how I found out that its been closed for 1 year:

Jae: last yr pa ung little prince layout na yan ah
htasarra: nya
htasarra: sori ha ngayon lng ulit na balik eh
htasarra: la na akong net presence except gaming for soooo long
Jae: eh 1 yr nang sarado ung pancit canton
htasarra: ganun ba?
htasarra: joke?
htasarra: bakala ka!
htasarra: bakla pala
Jae: >>
Jae: ??
htasarra: nya
htasarra: napaka observant ko
htasarra: 2003 not 2004
htasarra: sigh......
htasarra: sad....
Jae: hehe
htasarra: well meron pa rin naman ako puntahan pag nalulungkot ako...
htasarra: archives n nga lang

Oh well he's still my favorite mushy writer.


JAm said...

sigh. what a loss. maybe jae is over being mushy...

tseri said...

i miss jae's pancitcanton too.. haha! :)

angel said...

I still visit that though.