Wednesday, June 23, 2004

First Post: My excuse in life.

I have decided to start a blog about books I've read or am reading. And I guess this is it...

The other night I read an old copy of Sweet Dreams and it brought out the giggly bimbo in me. Oh how I miss those teenage years full of flirting... (wink wink)

Last night was I was feeling a tad more intellectual so I started reading an excerpt from Plato's The Republic. And it struck me (as it does about once a week) how pitiful a state our country is in. According to Mr. Plato the state must be wise, brave, temperate and just, with emphasis on justice. To him justice is minding one's own business and not meddling with other men's concerns . Its does not mean being uncaring and self-absorbed, rather it means fulfilling you proper function in society. To him artists should make art and legislators should make laws. Reversing roles or doing something against your nature is an injustice. Well then I say, the world is full of injustice today.

But hey, I'm a fine one to talk when I am still totally confused as to what nature has designed me to be. Maybe I was designed to be full of contradictions just so I can have an excuse to go flitting from one job to the next all my life. I was designed to explore and not just be one thing! Now nobody can dare make me stay put coz that will be an injustice. : )


JAm said...

nice to hear that you still have the time to read, unlike me. work drains me.

plato's the republic? kinda heavy don't you think? although i have yet to read the book i think it is.

and since i needed to register before i can comment on your blog, you should read my blog. :j

mark said...

Jam, anghirap sauluhin ng blogspot address mo!. haha.

angel said...

Hey, musta? Congratulations pala! Sorry di ako nakapunta nung grad ceremony nyo.

Punta ako sa LB on Tuesday. Dun ka lang ba? Meet ko din si Luz. Official pa ba mobile number mo? Mark, dalhin ko ba yung modem? I still have modem problems. Tapon ko na ba? Aaargh! Please help.

Sige see you.

Celedor said...

The idea for the blog is AWEsome!

... COOLness.

tseri said...

i was just chatting with jae, he's the one who gave me your blog address.. and jam's too.

i just can't believe it's you han. haha! anyway, miss you. hope to see you soon. just drop by the apartment. 4 out of 5 of us are part of the barkada. and lorie is really cool. ask jam. hehe!