Monday, April 28, 2008

Darn Baby Toys

I am feeling a bit frustrated with the kind of toys available on the market not because they suck but because they don't fit Sam. Sam's therapist asked us to buy a doorway jumper or a jumperoo for him but I encountered several problems:
  1. They are not available in the Philippines.
  2. Sam is over the maximum height for all the models I've seen. He's 93cm and the max is around 85cm.
  3. Sam is almost over the maximum weight 25 lbs. He's 24 point something pounds.
  4. Shipping rates are expensive.
Now if there was something available here it wouldn't be too bad because we can try it out to see if he can still use it though he's a bit too big for them already. But I don't want to buy something he won't end up using! Argh.

Days like this Sam's special needs hit me. I hate it that I can't figure out which category I should look at when shopping for "prescribed" toys since his body size is appropriate for his age but his skill fall under the infant section. Ah... Life with Prader Willi least I can't say that it's boring.

Anyone here knows someone in the Philippines who supplies these toys? Please contact me!!!


Aissa said...

maybe you can ask somebody in Singapore to go see if it's available there? Sarah and Leks are going in May..;P

Anonymous said...

Hi Han! I regulary ship stuff from the US because of my biz and I think I can help you out. :) I checked Ebay USA and there are a lot of jumperoos and baby bouncers that can be bought for a fraction of the price you pay at Amazon. I can buy for you then have it shipped to my US address. Just pay me what I paid the Ebay seller, and I'll take care of the shipping to the Philippines (a small gift to Sam :D ). Just send me a message if you're interested. :)

Hannah Grace said...

Yay! Sige sige. Email me at h a n n a h g r a c e at g m a i l d o t c o m so I can send you the money. Super thanks!!