Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yesterday's Miracle

Yesterday turned out to be one of the best days our family had in years. It didn't start out great it didn't end up great either but all the negative aspects doesn't hold a candle to the huge miracle we saw first-hand. SAM TOOK HIS FIRST (assisted) STEPS. Considering the fact that we have a really hard time even getting him to kneel or stand it was totally amazing to see him move his legs in a weird-looking but definitely real small steps with minimal assistance (the therapist was just holding him up by the head).

I almost had no hope of seeing Sam walk within the year but maybe he will. Paul Beelen (a paediatric rehab specialist) is a miracle worker. A single session with him will burn your pockets but what you get in return is priceless. I'll see if Mark can cut the videos we took and share the ones where Sam moved his legs.

Other noticeable improvements that I might not have reported to all my friends lately include:
  • Sam feeding himself lunch/dinner using his hands. It's REALLY messy though.
  • Sam's one-eyed peek-a-boo. He can't resist peeking so he covers only one eye!
  • Sam's ability to kneel from a sitting position with minimal assistance (but only if you know how to prompt him and if he knows he can't manipulate you into thinking he's too weak for it ^_^)
  • Sam's ability to keep the quadruped position (all fours) for more than 15 minutes completely unassisted.
If you have a special child you will understand why we consider these seemingly trivial things a really big deal.

I remember something I saw on TV lately. They said that people said that people viewed the survival of a very ill baby to be a miracle but the truth is that we who have children with special needs know that the true miracle is that there are thousands of babies born everyday that are completely healthy and without defect. We are thankful for our miracle boy but I just want to remind all of you who are parents to never forget the miracle you have and be thankful for it.

Have a good day and I hope you see a little miracle in your life today!


Anonymous said...

However you look at it, Sam IS a miracle, not because he has special needs but because of who he is and his impact to the people around him.

Great news!

Nikki! said...

Great, GREAT news! Congratulations! =D

This calls for a party, no? hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Where's the vid?