Thursday, March 06, 2008

2 Minutes

I prayed. It was just a couple of minutes but still it made me believe again even if just a little bit.

God give me faith.


Ariel D. Araza said...

This looks pretty much like the paradoxical prayer of the man whose son Jesus healed. "[Lord] I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!".

Btw, I don't know if Mark has already told you about "Christ The Lord" of Anne Rice, but I chose this book for my holiday reading and it's already helping me enjoy my faith in the Person on which Christianity is based on.

Anonymous said...

el raichu:

those three sentences are so mysterious, packed with a story of their own.

the meaning behind them must've been really intense and inspiring for you to have come up with them.

i'm tempted to concoct my own story, a story that holds a certain truth about life, about what happened and then plagiarize those sentences for my novel.

sup? you ok?

Hannah Grace said...

I saw that in Powerbooks but didn't sit down to read it because I was still finishing another book then. I am also a little scared of reading it becasue Anne Rice is sooo good at brainwashing me (I really wanted to believe vampires existed because of her....haha).

Hallo Cesar. When are you coming for a visit ulit dito samin? ^_^ I didn't realize the 3 sentences were intense but reading it now from someone else's eyes I guess it is. You can plagiarize them anytime for you novel as long as the ending if your novel is hopeful or at least hindi super nakakadespair (haha) plus you quote me as the prettiest girl in the world. Joke. Anyway I would be soo happy if you used it...basta do finish whatever it is you're writing. That would be cool.