Monday, December 03, 2007

Therapy Photos and Mommy Talk

Thanks to Ninang Cherry's phone we finally have recent photos of Sam. There are really cool videos but I don't feel like uploading them tonight. Anyway here's Sam with his teacher and one of him with his anti-social classmate. You can see how strong he's getting and even though staying upright in all fours might not be a big deal for many 2 yr old kids we're so proud of his progress with his arm and leg strength. Hopefully he'll be able to walk before he turns four. I would be ecstatic if he does it by the time he turns three but realistically my goal is to see him stand with minimal assistance by then. Sam is actually standing on the pic where he's holding up a toy ring. He has a horrible time being held up but at least he actually bears some weight on his soles now. What a fighter my boy is. I'm so proud of him. By the way I intentionally chose the blurred picture of his classmate because I have no permission to post his pic. It's actually funny because Sam has been able to "bully" two of his classmates since last week. I guess I shouldn't worry much about him being bullied when he grows up. He was able to make a much bigger boy cry by sticking his stubby fingers into the boy's nose although to be fair the kid has cerebral palsy so him and Sam sitting together made for two floppy boys. (Note: It isn't funny making other kids cry especially when they feel helpless. I can't explain it but it was ok that time.) He was able to make the little boy in the photo below cry simply by sitting beside the kid since that cute little boy (he's one of my favorite classmate of Sam's) is scared of small kids. Believe it or not even at his age Sam is already helping other kids by cooperating with his teacher in trying to draw out the less sociable kids at therapy. It's great to see him grow.

Sam doing the quadruped.
Sam only needs minimal support in this position.

Sam playing with toy rings while Teacher Con
corrects his standing position. Look no tears!

Sam's classmate (who is already able to walk) making his getaway.


Nikki! said...

Sooo cooool! =D

Sayang nga, nung pauwi na kami ni Kei, saka lang namin naalala: may dala kaming digicam! (doh!)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..ang cute naman ni Sam!

Ang galing talaga kumilos ni Lord, lalo na sa mga bata.

We'll continue praying for him!

dreamwalker said...

Galing galing :) Miss you Sam!!!