Thursday, August 02, 2007

The One Who Gave Me Life... celebrating her birthday today! Yes. Our birthday is just a day apart. My sister and I will be going home this weekend to have a grand clan birthday celebration since there'll be six birthday celebrant this August in our [maternal] clan.

To help my mom celebrate her birthday I'm going to make her a blog this weekend and teach my dad how to blog for her. She still has trouble with her eye (that was operated on and got infected) so she needs my dad to help her out. She told me that she wants to learn to blog so a blogger she will be! That is so cool. Expect to see a link to my mom's blog next week. It'll be pink since it is her favorite color (teehee) and be full of wise words and verses. I hope she ends up being active in the cyberworld.

Happy birthday Ma! And though Ate and I are really stupid for being unable to say it to your face we love you so much and are thankful to have a mom as rigidly God-fearing as you are. We're sorry for all the heart break we keep on causing you. Now if only I can get the guts to actually let her know someday not just through a card....

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