Friday, December 15, 2006

I Have a Party Dress

We've been planning on attending the OCS Christmas Party for weeks now. Mark was adamant that I wear a dress instead of just some jeans and a nice blouse since their Christmas party was themed disco and his officemates were talking about wearing dresses (at least the girls were). So even though it wasn't really part of our budget and we had really none to blow anymore (because we already blew it first weekend when we went on the Jag and Lee Sale at LB and invested on some office clothes for Mark and a few nice blouses for me) I decided to buy a new outfit for the party since none
of my dresses fit anymore. As a dutiful wife and a vain girl I didn't want Mark's wife to end up looking really drab or washed out. Besides I really got all excited too when I realized that I haven't really dressed up in YEARS. I was even planning on arriving early so I can get a facial and have my hair curled and set. I think the last time I tried to dress up a bit was when I got married and nobody will claim that I was really all dolled up even then since I was just wearing a sundress that was a bit too tight on my belly and a cute flip flops because I couldn't wear heels. So anyway the day before the party (that was Wednesday) Mark suddenly chats me up in Gtalk and here's how it went...

Mark: pero promise me di ka masyado magagalit..

me: hehe ok.....

Mark: kasi la palang guests sa xmas party. sorry. the whole time assume ko kasi na pwede.
i feel really bad.

me: nye!!!

Mark: i'm sorry love.

me: wahehe

Mark: :(

me: teka bluff muna

Mark: no. no bluff. kkverify ko lang sa hr.

me: langya ka pinhirapan mo pa loob ko...ok lang beh

Mark: i know..
i feel bad.

Mark: pero i realize na at least naalala kong tanong..

me: oo noh super nakakahiya kung bigla akong sulpot bukas!

Mark: love, di ka galit? ok lang kahit oo. promise.

me: di sa ibang event ko nlng suotin damit ko

Mark: my my my badd sobra.

me: di nmn

Mark: :(

me: at least may time na ako para mag sulat

Mark: sorry beh

me: its ok. sayang lng ung damit..hehe

Mark: nope, di sayang yan..

me: isip ka nlng ng event na masusuotan ko

Mark: yup. :)
ok love, ok lang tlaga?

me: ok lng po

me: haha. yup. yan pwede na akong kumain ng picnic kasi di ko na kailangang crash diet :p

Imagine what would have happened if I walked in there the only wifey who dared show up!!! So there I have this nice bordering on the weird black party dress and new black high-heeled shoes with silver trim but no party to attend. Anyone care to invite me to one where I can get to wear my dress?

BTW the OCS Christmas Party was a success. Mark's team (Tools) won second prize for their dance. As punishment for his blunder I'm thinking of asking Mark to dance his part next we see friends. ^_^ I'm not really that disappointed about the whole thing though the only disappointing part was that Mark and I were thinking of having our own after party party. ;-)

For the bimbos my dress is a cross between the two shown below. It was really cheap too and knowing me when I say cheap totoo yun kasi kuripot ako. Good bargain so if I don't find an event to wear it to maibenta kaya sa eBay?


jem said...

baket nakatingin sa malayo yung mga model? baka iniisip din nila kung kasama rin ba sila sa office party o hinde.

Aissa said...

Date na lang kayo ni Mark.. sabihin mo sa kanya you should be taken to a fancy resto where you can wear your dress... or you can save it for Jona's wedding pero sa 2008 pa yn. =P

Hannah Grace said...

Jem - Baka nga :p

Aissa - Ok lang na matagal ko pa bago suotin. Kasi medyo masikip sa tiyan...lam mo na..hehe. Tamang tama dapat makapagpapayat ako kahit konti before masuot ko.