Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Wishlist for Sam

Ang dami ng nagtatanong kung anong magandang gift kay Sam for Christmas so here's my wishlist for Sam. Comment ka na lang Mark kung meron kang dagdag. Yes parinig na to sinyo mga ninong, ninang, tito, at tita ko na hindi nag tanong. Hehe. The items are listed in no particular order. Most of these are needs and not wants kasi I have really no idea what Sam wants.
  • Bathrobe and Towel - maliit na sobra kay Sam bath towels nya. Never got around to buying new ones again. (taken)
  • Walker - No. He still can't walk pero i think a good walker with good back support and stuff to play with will help stimulate him.
  • Shorts - Yes may shortage pa rin po ng shorts si Sam. (pun not intended)
  • Books - story books, educational books, small books, big books. It doesn't matter Sam likes it when anyone reads books to him.
  • Yaya - We still haven't found one. If you have a really good one to recommend please do. I suck at a lot of mothering stuff so he really needs one. (Hmm gift ata sakin to di kay Sam)
  • Socks - I don't think you can buy these for Sam without fitting them first since his feet are pretty weird. He uses only one pair because the ones I bought got too tight around his legs too fast. His feet are still really small though.
  • Fat free cookies for babies - There are sugar free cookies but they usually don't have a high nutritional value. Those that are nutritious are usually too fattening for Sam.
  • Splenda - I'm still putting off buying Splenda because I find them ridiculously expensive. Equal and Nutrasweet are not recommended because of the aspartame.
  • Hooded Jacket
  • A nice sippy cup
  • Donations to Foundation for Prader Willi Research - The money won't go directly to Sam but it means much more since it can help find a cure for him and other kids. If you want you can send the donation on behalf of Sam.
  • Anything wrapped in colorful paper - This is the one thing I know Sam will enjoy in this list (aside from the books). The gift covers seems to be more of a hit with Sam than the gifts he always receives.
  • Rechargeable electric fan - I always budget for this. Forget about it. Then remember during the next brownout. (taken)
  • Feeding set - He eats well with the normal utensils but it would be cute if he had a set all to himself. (taken)
  • Plastic breakfast tray - For adults. He'll be using it for play and therapy. A good one will be about a foot tall with big pockets on the side where he can put his toys.
  • Bangkito - Yung panglaba but he needs a really sturdy one without holes (kasi nasasaktan cya sa pwet) and without a sandalan. Bawal din malambot. For therapy din and for eating time. He sits up straight while eating now. The one he uses for therapy is a Fishers Price chair but I think they're out of stock already. (got one already)
Yan I can't really think of anything else. If you want to give something not in here syemps we'll appreciate it. Just don't buy any DVDs please because Sam is not allowed to watch any TV. I think another good gift would be a simple visit, especially if you bring a kid with you. Sam loves it when kids come to visit him. He doesn't really play with them but he keeps on smiling and nodding his head. If you are funny and genuinely interested in Sam he'll probably react nicely to you too.

Thanks all for asking and for the gifts in advance. Hehe. If you're too far to give a gift a prayer is always the best gift. It's kept us going and has done wonders for Sam.


tseri said...

i hope you don't mind second-hand, pero i have a rechargeable fan na i'm not using na (besides, mukhang may generator sa kingswood), i can give it to you guys. one month ko lang sya ginamit.

re-reserve ko na yung BATHROBE AND TOWELS! that'll be cute to buy! ako na magbibigay nun! :D

ian-lans said...

ako na lang yaya... or yayo ba tawag pag lalake?

Hannah Grace said...

Of course I don't mind second hand Che. Thanks in advance. Text nlng pag luwas kami jan sa Makati.

Ian pwedeng pwede pero turuan mo mag salita. Masyadong mahilig tumango lng gaya mo and mag grunt grunt. :p

ian-lans said...

hindi yata tama na ako magtuturo magsalita. baka puro pa-cute lang matutunan ni sam...hehe! and hindi na gumagana yung pa-cute into your 20s.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! natawa ako dun lans. oo nga, di na gagana yun. high school ba gumagana pa?? :P

han, sige text nyo ko, ng mabigay ko na rin yung fan. at para "masukatan" ko si sam. :)

Pat said...

dibs on some books (and a little something extra..surprise!)