Thursday, October 19, 2006

Farewell Pets!

After more than a year I decided to pay a visit to Neopets today. To my horror this is what appeared when I tried to login.

Active Neopet: Luxuriu282

What is this eyrie doing in my login page? Then I realized Neopets must have let my pets die at last...along with my identity there. Boohoo. I suddenly miss my pets and MY BOOK COLLECTION! My God all the time spent waiting in bookshops and bidding on rare books...gone. Sigh. Now I'm wondering whether I should create another account or not.

On other games maybe I should get back to a little gaming. I plan on playing Utopia, Sleuth, and maybe even Gumshoe. Neglected all the games when I had Sam but maybe it's time to play again. Utopia won't take more than 30mins a day after all.


jem said...

actually if you plan to be competitive in utopia you would need to log in at least five times a day for the starting weeks when you're building, and at least twice a day for attacks.

if you make multiple accounts(bad!), it gets easier because you can create a farm account.

Hannah Grace said...

Hmmm. Ganun ako dati nung na-addict ako hindi ko na alam kung ilang times a day ako nag lo-login. hehe. Sabihin ko sana i'm in for the experience muna pero mukhang ok pala start na tonight (as soon as i finish more than 3K worth of words for my job) kasi kaka start lng pala ng Utopian Genesis. Could wait for World of Legends though kasi dun ako laro dati. Super tinamad na ako mag laro nung nasara account ko nung manganak ako kasi didn't get to go online kasi I really like our Kingdom. For me its the social interaction din tlga kasi. I really liked it there. Sana I get a good kingdom this time too. Yan na-excite tuloy ako. Si Jem kasi nag -comment. It was easier to start then kasi I had Cel to walk me through stuff though.

Celedor said...

Baka mas type mo ung less competitive.. more funness =S

Anonymous said...

Heya Mrs. Gamis! First time ko yata napadpad sa blog mo! :D Ako din, ngayong year lang din uli ako nakapaglaro ng Neo.

I checked, andun pa rin naman si _EvAiNee_. Saka Neopets don't die, sabi yan sa Editorial sa Neopian Times. :) Online ka ulet, tapos Neomail mo ko. I'll give you a welcome gift. ;) *wink wink*

Hannah Grace said...

Connet di pa nga ako patay! Tama ka... Ang weird lng kasi di ko pet yung Luxurius na yun. Nawala yung isang pet ko. Grundo cya ang name "fgdsghd". Favorite ko pa naman yun. Inadopt ko lng kasi un bka pianlitan nila. Anyway pasingit singit lng ako ngayon sa neopets di pa rin ako nakaka simula sa Utopia.

Will look into the game Cel recommended din.