Sunday, December 18, 2005

Someone just *saved me today. Thank you for being online when no one else was. Thank you for just letting me say how lonely I was and not asking me why. And thank you for telling me that you trust me to keep myself alright... I needed to hear that because I've lost my faith in me.

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tseri said...

han, you are one of the strongest person i know. i also admire your faith. i know He is watching over you, di ka nya pababayaan. whatever it is you are going through, you can handle it and He won't let you quit. we are here to encourage you and to take care of you. though in the end, it is all you who will decide who you're going to be.

hang in there! don't lose faith. just call us whenever you need a lift. i believe in you. take care! *hug*