Sunday, June 12, 2005

Birthday Greetings

Every year I forget a lot of birthdays but there are some that I always remember on time. Problem is I never seem to greet people on the scheduled date, if at all. So that is my excuse for this -- Belated Happy Birthday George and Luz!

I don't want Nikki's birthday greeting to be late either so even if its quite early -- Advance happy birthday to you NikkiPikki.

Good News

Speaking of birthdays, Baby Samuel's birthdate is coming up. I don't know when exactly but we're hoping that it'll be after the 15th at least. I am pretty excited even if I am a bit anxious about the pain. It helps though that Mark seems to be more anxious about it than I am. Its really funny the way he cringes everytime he thinks o f the pain.

My doctor told me during my last check up that there had been so many miracles with my pregnancy so thank you all for praying for the baby.


JAm said...

hope your delivery will be as painless as it can be...Ü [cringes]

Aissa said...

just pray hard... it would be an experience for sure... just make sure you are surrounded by people who love you.. and you will find the strength you need.

tseri said...

honey, can you put up of a profile pic of yours? hehe! i wanna see how big is your belly. surely pagpunta ko jan, maliit na tiyan mo e. hehe! God bless, han. you've been very kind, your baby sure wont hurt you.. that much. hehe! luv yah!