Monday, May 16, 2005

Bakit bucket?

Had a nice time last night. Nikki wanted to eat at KFC and avail of the summer bucket promo. Being the stingy person that I am I computed that it would be less expensive if we just bought the eight piece chicken in a box and 4 fixings at KFC plus rice and a 1.5L coke outside. As it turns out Nikki wasn't in it for the low price but wanted the bucket. Hehe. So we got the bucket. After ordering, Nikki really felt like he wanted the tumblers too so the bill had to be changed for us to get an upsize and the tumblers. Ha... victim of advertising! Anyway, it turned out to be fun, of course. Bless Nikki for he actually paid for my share as well as Cel's share. And so my stingy old heart and swollen belly were both satisfied.


JAm said...

waw! niks libre mo rin ako! hehehe. eto na ba yung bagong kfc sa burger king?Ü

Hannah Grace said...

Yup eto yung KFC na dating Burger King. Weird nga lang dun kasi meron pa rin nung smell na ayaw ko. Must be the place.