Thursday, March 31, 2005

He's a Boy

I was hesitant to go to my doctor because I didn't want to hear that I needed more bed rest. But I'm sure glad that I did. I went and was ultrasounded (how do you say that properly?) this afternoon to make sure that there are no serious complications. It felt so good to see my baby's face! The eyes and nose were so clear but something was blocking his mouth so I didnt see it. I also saw his little peewee. ^_^ Poor Mark, the ultrasound was finished by the time he got back to the hospital. Got pictures but they're too small and dark for me to post.

Exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and to look at things with a proper perspective.

Still under bed rest though. i never imagined that bed "rest" could be so tiring and trying!


JAm said...

wow congrats! you got a name for him na?Ü

armikatrina said...

siyempre ang gusto ng mga girlfriends ay girl, pero okay pa rin. pakiusap lang, wag niyo tawaging junior. "mark gamis jr." ang pangit! (peace, mark!)

tseri said...

congrats honey!! :)

- d a c s - said...

Wow naman! Little boy ang unang magiging Batch 98 baby :)

Congrats Mark and Hannah! (Link ko kayo ha :P )