Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I think i am depressed. According to some website, out of 10 symptoms for depression during pregnancy i'm suffering from 9. And no wonder because the half of the stated possible triggers for depression is very much present in my life. And darn it, reading about it still doesn't make things right. Hopefully forcing myself to blog will help me kick this out of my system as well as revive my woefully neglected blog.

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JAm said...

han, i know you've read this...

basahin mo ulit...Ü

"Just as talking can be a form of treatment for depression, it can also be a form of prevention. Talk with your partner about your worries and fears with the pregnancy and listen to what they have to say. Also, look to do more activities together..."

"Spend time with your friends. You may not be able to see them as much as you would like once the baby arrives, so go out with your friends now. You can also draw on them for additional emotional support..."

"Sit down and put your feet up, stay in bed a bit longer, or read a book. If you feel guilty, then just remember that you're doing it for the health of yourself and your baby..."

hope you feel better.Ü