Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iPhoto for Smoother Skin

Tweaking with my Friendster account tonight. After adding lots of friends (ewan lang kung kelan mag online mga tao to approve my invites!) I decided to upload some photos but got sidetracked. Am glad I did because I discovered the "retouch" feature in iPhoto. Got to love anything that would take away the blemishes with just one click. Stil have to find something that works that way in real life. In the meantime I'll content myself with smoother skin in photos I decide to print and upload. At least when my memories grow dim I'll look at my old photos and end up thinking I had smooth skin back in the good old days. Hehe. How's that for lying to oneself?

Spot the Difference
(wag pilosopo di kasali the fact na cropped yung image!)

Hannah Grace Tasarra Gamis
Hannah Grace Tsarra Gamis
Btw I know it's not an old concept but it is so much easier than having to learn Photoshop, which I never had the patience to really learn anyway. As for Picasa, my other photo viewer of choice (choice pala ng husband) I just use the "I'm feeling lucky" button everytime. Wala atang retouch dun?


Ariel D. Araza said...

The difference? I know! You used iPhoto's obscure Remove-The-Plate Tool! What's the prize?

mark said...


Picasa has a retouch tool too! :)

dreamwalker said...

Done with my pics? :p