Friday, January 16, 2009

2008 --> 2009

Time for the obligatory start of the year post.

2008 Summary

I'm pretty sure a lot of things happened this past year but the funny thing is that as I sit here trying to think of the highlights of the last year my mind just went blank. I can't really pinpoint a highlight nor a lowlight. Most of last year just passed by as a huge blur. That happens to me a lot. My long term memory is not too good. So I'll just get on with some of the things I do remember.

  1. We got a washing machine. Yay!
  2. Sam's 3rd bday was a success.
  3. Sam's previous yaya made our phone bill soar and left us.
  4. We got a new yaya for Sam.
  5. Sam started standing alone.
  6. My dad expreienced his first plane ride.
  7. I lost 2.5 kilos November (but must have gained them again during the holidays...not sure yet).

It's so silly that I can't remember more important or at least interesting stuff. And because I can't I'll just proceed writing down my...

2009 Plans /Goals

  1. Sleep less. (Please don't hold this over my head Mark!)
  2. Concentrate on following the advice of the (uuterly gwapo) priest who married Carlo and Cris. He said,"Live for others". In short my selfish year of last year should stop now. I've had enough time for myself. God help me with this one!!!
  3. Try to be a bit more moderate about my approach to things. A bit cryptic here but I don't feel like writing down all the details.
  4. Give more attention to the way I look. That means dyeing my hair regularly and simple stuff like taking better care of my skin. I know they say it's what's inside that matters and though I may seem shallow I do know my outside both reflects and affects what's inside of me. So though I may want to be little bit less selfish this year I do want to do this thing. It's not only for me after all you and everyone else I pass will be the ones seeing me and it's my contribution to this earth to make it look just little bit less of a train wreck. :p Seriously though I'm doing this for Mark as much as for myself. I want him to not only like me but also keep on wanting me and also to be proud of his wife. So there.
  5. As for all the other plans I guess they all fall under plan #2.
I'm getting a little woozy here and starting to doubt myself so I should stop. Stop caring about whether I fail or not and just diving in. Have a little gumption Hannah! This year is starting out great and you can bet yourself it'll be a non-fuzzy year great year for you. Yes that what just me talking psyching myself up. :p

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all the best in psyching yourselves up about your own plans for 2009!!!


dreamwalker said...

Hmmm, last year did pass by quickly no? Am glad to read that you are going back to your kikay self. You deserve it and as for living for others, you always did that. You deserved that know what I mean. Ako naman, it seems that I am sleeping more. I rarely wake up before noon now. I just want to sleep and work and then sleep some more.

dreamwalker said...

Han, tagged ya.

Hannah Grace said...

Teka ha. Will do the post next time. :p