Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

This day is going pretty well. Mark and I have no plans at all since he is in the office rushing some project. It started out pretty well though with Mark greeting me before we went to bed last night (madaling araw pala) and this morning before he left for work. Considering how we often forget to celebrate occasions I actually feel good about this one. Even with Mark busy I feel like this time he just really needs to work but would rather spend some time with me and Sam. That feels good. Besides we get to save money. Hehe. In this case it really is the thought that counts. I love you Mark!

I am also getting a little bit better about waking up and haven't been spending the entire day in bed. My energy levels are slowly increasing and I don't feel really hopeless. I really do hope this lasts. I hate going back to the deep dark pit of depression. It's inexplicably horrible.

On another note I have decided to start sending a forwarded text messages now and then. My ninang/tita El sent me a very encouraging message the other night and it made me feel good. It made me remember one of my conversations with another mommy friend. After not seeing each other for months she thanked me for sending her inspirational messages about once or twice a month. She said that they usually arrived at a time when she felt really low and discouraged but she never replied because during those times she just didn't know how to tell her troubles. It's kind of funny since I almost never reply to Ava or Armi (two of the most frequent people to forward text messages to me). I always say na kuripot lang ako sa text but the truth is I too don't know what to say. My point is I realize that as long as I don't end up spamming people I should pass those forwarded messages or come up with my own inspirational quotes since you never know who needs it that day. It's also a good way to let people know that you think about them now and then.

I'm just rambling.

Happy valentines everyone!

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