Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Post

This is a me post because I am feeling happier each day.

Things are definitely looking up. Nikki can now add me to the list of people happy with their jobs. And yes I do have a job aside from being a full time mom. I doing freelance work as a writer. Nothing fancy..hindi creative stuff (at least its not supposed to be but i do tend to get creative just to achieve the required number of words many times). Its mostly product description, review, articles, and website contents. Its really cool though coz hawak ko time ko, I get to do something else, i get to earn decent money, pays a lot better than if i were a teacher (although i would still love to teach someday - to heck with the pay), i still get to stay at home, and i get to polish my writing and research skills. Of course I still cram perpetually but it feels great to be cramming for something again or finishing something ahead of time, whichever end up doing, instead of doing only repetitive things.

Another thing to be happy about is being home. I'm back in LB, or rather Bay. This is home. I find it hard to adjust to living with other people. Its funny coz now its easier to find my mom's nagging tolerable after being uncomforatble away from home.

Mark and I are doing better in our relationship. Still far from perfect, like normal relationships are, but definitely better. We both think Sam's getting better plus less stress is very much related to it. lotsa lotsa good news but I need to get going. Baka maiwan ako ng 9 o'clock trip. Weeee! I'm definitely home may hinahabol na ulit akong service. ^_^


Nikki! said...


Pero ayaw nga kitang i-add.. tinatamad akong mag-update.. =p

angel said...

Yay! Kwento! Kwento! Miss ko na si Sam! Gusto ko na din umuwi sa elbi :)

JAm said...

that's great han! :D

armikatrina said...

:D now it would be much easier to visit behbeh sam